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Essential for Hemodynamic and ICP Monitoring

What's missing from your expensive monitoring system? ACCURACY!

It might just be you're missing accuracy! Since pressures will vary dramatically when a patient changes position, it is critical in hemodynamic and intracranial pressure monitoring, as well as ventriculostomy drainage, to insure that the air-fluid interface on your transducer is aligned properly. Research has shown that even small variances can result in incorrect readings that are clinically significant.

What do you do?

You can use your nursing unit's carpenter's level or yardstick, but those tools are bulky, dirty, unprofessional looking, and you can never rely on one being available when you need it. So wouldn't you like to have your own personal alignment device handy at all times? You can! We spent two years developing our pocket-sized, telescoping nurse's level. It was invented by a nurse for nurses. The Levalign has been precisely engineered to be straight and sturdy. Used by thousands of critical care nurses throughout the world, the Levalign ranked 4.8 on a scale of 1-5 for accuracy, convenience and desirability. It is lightweight, quick and accurate. Only 7.5 inches long in its collapsed position, the Levalign extends to a length of more than 32 inches, which is perfect for leveling a transducer and you don't need to remove restraints or drop the side rails! And it wipes down easily for cleaning. That makes it safer for your patient.
So don't "guesstimate" on vital measurements. Get your own convenient, safe-to-use Levalign and insure accuracy in patient monitoring. They make great gifts too.

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