Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is Shipping Calulated?

Shipping is included in the price of everything EXCEPT the Levalign. Shipping rates for the Levalign are listed below.

1           =       $8.00
2           =     $11.00
3-4        =    $14.50
5-8        =    $16.00
9-12      =    $18.50
13-16    =    $21.50
17-20    =    $23.50
21-24    =    $25.50
25+        =    Please Call The Office

2. What Payment Methods do you accept?

You may pay either with a credit card or a Pay Pal Account. We use Pal Pal as our Credit Card Processor, but you DO NOT have to have a pay pal account to purchase. When you are finished with your order you will be routed to Pay Pal and there you will have to option to pay directly with a credit card.

3. What is your Return Policy?

All sales are final.

4. How do you ship your products?

We ship via USPS for Levaligns and UPS, and we maintain tracking numbers for all shipments.

5. How do I fax Nursing Knowledge, Inc?

Our fax number is the same as our voice number: 504-218-7576. If the answering machine picks up, just let the massage play through and the fax machine will automatically switch over. If a person answers, we will hang up and your fax machine should try again.

6. Can I use an institutional purchase order?

Please either fax or call in your institutional purchase order to us at 504-218-7576, or preferably email it to us at Please note: we only accept purchase orders for ten Levalign units or more. Please pay by Visa or MC using this site for orders of fewer units. Thank you.

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